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I’m E. G. Runyan, a teen author writing to see the miraculous in the mundane. 


A homeschool student growing like a weed on the prairies of Kansas, I live in the state most people would call the very definition of mundanity. But I’ve found growing up here much different than the Wizard of Oz’s dry, barren stereotype; far from it. 


I’ve found growing up here nothing short of miraculous


That’s the reason I write historical fantasy: to help others fight to see the miraculous in the things we think we’re used to, in the things we don’t spare a second thought for. To see the miraculous in the simple things, in the everyday, in the mundane.


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Are you ready to see the miraculous in your life?


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You may just find out that you prefer green apples to gold ones.

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“fairy-tales say that apples were golden just to refresh the forgotten moment when we found that they were green. they make rivers run with wine just to make us remember, for one wild moment, that they run with water.”

-g. k. chesterton, orthodoxy

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what is historical fantasy?

Historical fantasy is the genre where facts and fantasy merge. It’s the blend between reality and dreams. 


Traditionally, my historical fantasy novels have a historical setting with a fantastical twist. Oftentimes historical fantasy stories are set in our world but surprise us by bringing in fantasy elements, causing the reader to see reality in a new way. It’s a small genre and an evolving one, but it’s growing in popularity.


In fact, right now historical fantasy is more popular than ever before.


Because of its loose definition, historical fantasy gives writers the opportunity to let their imagination run away with them while also giving them rules of reality to stick to. The genre has a lot of leeway and is teeming with opportunities. 


It’s the history buff and the fantasy nerd’s dream genre.


check out e. g. runyan’s debut historical fantasy novel here!

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Screenshot 2024-07-16 5.51_edited.jpg
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